The Course

Men's Par 72 Ladies Par 73

Blue: 71.2/125 6,442 yds.   White: 70.6/124 6,280 yds.

Green: 68.7/122 5,927 yds.   Red: 70.9/120 5,370 yds.

Famed golf course architect Donald Ross had the following criteria for any golf course he created:

  • Make each golf hole present a different problem.
  • Arrange the course so that every stroke must be made with a full concentration and attention necessary to good golf.
  • Build each hole in such a manner that it wastes none of the ground at one's disposal and takes advantage of every possibility.

Following those guidelines, Donald Ross created Penobscot Valley's 18-hole track in 1924... and it's a gem. Penobby is a real piece of golf history right here in the great state of Maine. To view Ross's original plan as it originally was, click on the picture above. And you can read the original Players Tips here.

For more than 80 years, we're proud to say that Penobby has not gone too far afield of Ross's first layout. There were changes, however. Greens shrank. Bunkers  shifted or were removed altogether. Fairway boundaries were not where they originally sat in 1924. Over the course of 2008, we undertook the important, arduous and ultimately rewarding task of restoring these historic 18 holes to Ross's original layout. We worked with the architect's original drawings (on display throughout the Clubhouse) and applied all our knowledge of golf history to make this restoration as accurate and authentic as possible. Read our Restoration Guidelines and Mission Statement.

In 2009, we will complete work on the 14th hole and the restoration project will be complete. Even before that has happened, though, Penobscot Valley is like a new course-- and the feedback we got from members and guests alike has been overwhelmlingly positive.